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Brant Point Lighthouse in Ice_9174 (CH)3 Bricks in Snow at Christmas_8364  (CH)3 Bricks in Snow at Christmas_8359 (CH)3 Bricks in Snow at Christmas (CH)Magnolia Leaf Decorations on Craftmasters Store (CH)Poinsettias in Company of the Cauldron Window_8345 (CH)Poinsettias in Company of the Cauldron Window_8341 (CH)India Street _ Company of the Cauldron and Craftmasters_02 (CH)India Street _ Company of the Cauldron and Craftmasters (CH)Craftmasters Store Front on India Street (CH)Nativity Scene-Methodist Church (CH)Claudette's Sandwich Shop with Christmas Wreath_8132 (CH)Christmas Wreath on Pink Door_8131  (CH)Christmas Wreath on Pink Door _8130  (CH)Christmas Wreath on Pink Door_8129 (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with  Wreath and Iyanough_0115  (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with  Wreath_0096  (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with  Wreath_0095  (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with  Wreath_0090  (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with  Wreath_0087  (CH)

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