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Clouds-1854  (CH)Boat With Stormfront_DSC01597 (KN)Waves Hitting Houses_DSC09938 (KN)Boat On Stormy Harbor_DSC09888 (KN)Flood Near Harbor_DSC09872 (KN)North Water Street Harbor_DSC09843  (KN)Harbor Waves_DSC09838  (KN)Cold Stormy Harbor_DSC09821 (KN)Boat On The Shore_DSC08627 (KN)Shipwreck And Harbor Master_DSC08528 (KN)Beached Boat_DSC08485Ferry In The Fog_KNP06809 (KN)Dock In The Fog_KNP06768  (KN)Frozen Beach_KNP09356  (KN)Rain Squall_DSC00262 (KN)Rain on the Point_DSC00014 (KN)Lifeguard Flag_DSC08759 (KN)Frozen Waves South Shore_0500 (CH)Frozen Waves South Shore_0482 (CH)Frozen Waves South Shore_0480 (CH)