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Steamship Ferry "Eagle"_8973 (CH)Seastreak-1352 (CH)Steamship Iyanough-7630 (CH)Steamship Authority Eagle ferry rounding Brant Point Lighthouse-8450 (CH)Steamship Authority Eagle ferry-6271 (CH)Hyline Cruises ferry boats-6261 (CH)Hyline Cruises ferry boats-6259 (CH)Steamship Authority Eagle ferry-8436 (CH)Steamship Authority Eagle ferry-8432 (CH)Steamship Authority Eagle ferry-8421 (CH)Steamship Authority Eagle ferry rounding Brant Point Lighthouse-6193 (CH)Steamship Authority ferries-4145 (CH)Ferry Dolphin Bumpers-2555 (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse and Hyline ferry-2083 (CH)Eagle Ferry_DSC04020Eagle with Brant Point_DSC04013Eagle and Fishing Boat_DSC03985Eagle Ferry Behind Fishing Boat_DSC03973Hyline by the Jetty_DSC02744Air Force One_DSC01615 (KN)