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Alerion and Brant Point Lighthouse_8337 (CH)Bird's Eye View (KN)Brant Point (GH)Brant point (KN)Brant Point 11 (KN)Brant Point 13 (KN)Brant Point 14 (KN)Brant Point Aerial in the Snow (KN)Brant Point AM (KN)Brant Point at Dawn (GH)Brant Point at Dusk (GH)-2Brant Point Between Cottages (KN)Brant Point Fishing at Sunset(GH)Brant Point in a Blizzard (GH)Brant Point in the Fog (KN)Brant Point Light 10 (KN)Brant Point Light in Winter (KN)Brant Point Lighthouse 3 (KN)Brant Point Lighthouse Christmas_0738  (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse Fog_0003 (CH)

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