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Lily Street, Siasconset-0478 (CH)Sankaty Lighthouse restoration-0870 (CH)Sankaty Lighthouse restoration-0869'Sconset | Broadway Street_8206 (CH)Arbor Beach Access_0581 (CH)Arbor_0578 (CH)'Sconset Rotary in snow_0359 (CH)'Sconset Post Office in Snow_0358 (Cary Hazlegrove)'Sconset Rotary in snow_0357 (CH)'Sconset Rotary in snow_0356 (CH)Siasconset Rotary_7553 (CH)Rose Covered Cottages_6464 (CH)Window Box and Roses_6457 (CH)Rose Arbor_6453 (CH)Rose Arbor_4832 (CH)Siasconset Rotary_4822 (CH)Roses and Hydrangeas_6430 (CH)Siasconset Village_4787 (CH)Sundial House Siasconset_4531 (CH)Roses and Fence_3850 (CH)

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