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Yellow Door and Daffodil Wreath_9852 (CH)Window Box and Roses_6457 (CH)Walking through 'Sconset_6360 (CH)The Wave Bus Siasconset_1141 (CH)The Chanticleer_6289  (CH)The Chanticleer Restaurant-6293 (CH)Sundial House Siasconset_4531 (CH)Sun Dial house-'Sconset-3925 (CH)Statue In Sconset Garden_KNP00213 (KN)Statue In Sconset Garden 2_KNP00218 (KN)Snowy Road in 'Sconset (KN)Snowy Cottages in 'Sconset (KN)Snowy Bridge in 'Sconset (KN)Siasconset Village_4787 (CH)Siasconset Union Chapel with Wreath_9129  (CH)Siasconset Union Chapel Interior_8053 (CH)Siasconset street scene-4105 (CH)Siasconset Rotary_4822 (CH)Siasconset Rotary and Sconset Cafe with Daffodils_7183  (CH)Siasconset Roses_4587 (CH)