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Young Daffy Driver (KN)Yellow Door and Daffodil Wreath_9852 (CH)Yellow Door and Daffodil Wreath_9850 (CH)The Chanticleer Arbor with daffodil pots_6008 (CH)The Chanticleer Arbor with daffodil pots_6006 (CH)The Chanticleer Arbor with daffodil pots_6003 (CH)Spring Decorations (GH)Siasconset Rotary and Sconset Cafe with Daffodils_7183 (CH)Siasconset Daffodils_7930  (CH)Siasconset Daffodils_7388  (CH)Siasconset Daffodils_2852  (CH)Siasconset Bench_Isky Hat_6047 (CH)Sconset Door and Daffodil Wreath_9888  (CH)Sconset Door and Daffodil Wreath_9871  (CH)Schwinn Bike with Daffodils_49-1027-16 (CH)Scallop Boxes with Daffodils_55-1170-3 (CH)Sankaty Lighthouse and Daffodil Wreath_0128 (CH)Pump Square in 'Sconset_2831 (CH)Polpis Road Daffodils_7076 (CH)Nantucket Garden Club Flower Show_2191 (CH)