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"The Corners" Siasconset House_7115 (CH)'Sconset House and Daffodils_0523 (CH)'Sconset Public Golf Course (Skinners) club house-2155  (CH)2017 Daffodil Parade 7 (KN)2017 Daffodil Parade 10 (KN)Antique Car Parade Daffodil Festival_0770 (CH)Antique Car Parade Daffodil Festival_0774 (CH)Antique Car with Daffodils_4-CQ-1  (CH)Auld Lang Syne Daffodil Wreath_37-713-6  (CH)Backseat to Main St. (KN)Bike Basket with Daffodils_2141 (CH)Black Sconset Door and Daffodil Wreath_9859  (CH)Blue Sconset Door and Daffodil Wreath_9904  (CH)Blue Sconset Door and Daffodil Wreath_9913 (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse Daffodil Wreath_0909 (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with Daffodil Wreath (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with daffodil wreath-2109 (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with daffodil wreath-2110  (CH)Brant Point Lighthouse with daffodil wreath-2127  (CH)Brant Point, Daffodil Days (GH)-3