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"Crooked House" (Mr. Roger's house) Massachusetts Avenue | Madaket-5685 (CH)"Millie's Bridge" Ames Avenue, Madaket-5673 (CH)"Millie's Bridge" Ames Avenue, Madaket-5678Beach Access | Massachusetts Avenue | Madaket-5691 (CH)Boat Madaket_58-1242-20 (CH)Directional signs | Beach Access | Massachusetts Avenue | Madaket-5694 (CH)Egret Nest | Jackson Point Massachusetts Avenue | Madaket-5708 (CH)End of the Madaket Road-5714 (CH)Horseshoe Crabs_Mating_0833 (CH)Little Neck_Madaket_0840 (CH)Little Neck_Madaket_0854 (CH)Madaket Beach (GH)Madaket Beach (GH)Madaket Beach at the end of Neptune_3059 (CH)Madaket Beach Shack (GH)Madaket Beach Sign (KN)Madaket Beach Storm Surge_4768  (CH)Madaket Beach-7210Madaket Beach-7324Madaket Beach_0054 (CH)