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Whelk shell fence | Rhode Island Avenue | Madaket-5682 (CH)Whelk pile - Madaket-3685 (CH)Town Sign_2156 (CH)The end of the Madaket Road-3656 (CH)Snow Fences on Madaket Beach_9116 (CH)Snow Fence Madaket_9737 (CH)Smith's Point | Snow_0562 (CH)Shell Snow Fence_7042 (CH)Shell Snow Fence Madaket_0285 (CH)Scallop Shells Madaket_7567 (CH)Quahaug pile | Madaket-3678 (CH)Millies-3651 (CH)Massasoit Bridge - Madaket_KNP01277 (KN)Massachusetts Avenue | Madake-5698 (CH)Mailboxes in snow Madaket_3077 (CH)Madaket_0552 (CH)Madaket Walkway_7554  (CH)Madaket Skiff (GH)Madaket Public Pier - Town Sign_3756 (CH)Madaket Pond in Snow_3744 (CH)