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Wauwinet Road_8147 (CH)Snow Road in Moors_0367 (CH)Madaquecham Field_0622 (CH)Madaquecham Daisy Field_0606 (CH)Madaquecham Gate and Field_0604 (CH)Quidnet Street Sign | Fog_4129 (CH)Daisy Field Squam_1790 (CH)Daisy Field Squam_1777 (CH)Golfing Sankaty Head Golf Course_1290 (CH)Daisies and Fence_1273 (CH)Daisy Field | Cisco Beach_1228 (CH)Lupin Field_1097(CH)Clover 'Sconset Bluff_1049 (CH)Daisies 'Sconset Bluff_0945 (CH)Heather_1018 (CH)Rosa Rugosa and Daisies_1015 (CH)Middle Moors_7191 (CH)Bartlett Farm Pumpkins_5389 (CH)Bicycle | Sankaty Head Golf Course_3582 (CH)Eating Corn at Moors End Farm_3384 (CH)

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