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The Galls_0913 (CH)The Galls_0904 (CH)The Galls_0885 (CH)Drive to Great Point Lighthouse_ 0869 (CH)Drive to Great Point Lighthouse_0868  (CH)South Shore Slushy Waves_0332 (CH)South Shore Slushy Waves_0330 (CH)Slushy Waves and Frozen Beach South Shore_013  (CH)Shell Snow Fence Madaket (CH)_0285Snow Fences on Madaket Beach (CH)Shell Snow Fence Madaket (CH)Frozen Nantucket Sound_02  (CH)Child Playing in Frozen Nantucket Sound (CH)Cliffside Beach Club Winter Snow Fences (CH)Madaket Stilt House During Ocean Breech_02  (CH)Madaket Stilt House During Ocean Breech_03  (CH)Madaket Stilt House During Ocean Breech (CH)Snow Fence and Conch Shells_4446  (CH)Snow Fence and Conch Shells_4445  (CH)Snow Fence and Conch Shells_4441  (CH)

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